Robert Parker no longer tasting CA!

Take a look at the article on SF Gate;

This is big news for California wineries, and for people who drink CA wines.  Could there be a 'new' style shift as a result?

The New World of Retail

Thumbnail : The New World of Retail

It seems like the retail game is undergoing another dramatic shift.  First, retailers had to worry about posting their items for sale online.  Now, they have to do something special to get customers to hit the 'buy' button.  What are people doing that is different? Before you hit 'buy' you ...

Kistler: California Bellweather Changes Gears

There is great debate and much challenge in producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in California these days.  Should you make a more classic wine, or a big rich wine?  If your price point is going to be over $30, it better be good and probably needs to have press to ...

Urban UCO Sav. Blanc 08

Thumbnail : Urban UCO Sav. Blanc 08

This little guy delivers.  It has all of the standard Sauvignon Blanc virtues, but in a good way.  I’d start drinking this wine immediately, with roasted veggies, and continue to do so until it is gone.

NOTES: The ...

Boroli ‘Anna’ 2008, Langhe, Italy

Thumbnail : Boroli ‘Anna’ 2008, Langhe, Italy

This is one of the single greatest opportunities to drink Nebbiolo from the Langhe region without paying Barolo prices.  If this were classified as a Barolo, it would literally cost 3 or 4 times as much.  While it has ...

York Creek Cuvee 1 Production 8 Spring Mtn. Napa Valley

Thumbnail : York Creek Cuvee 1 Production 8 Spring Mtn. Napa Valley

This wine was intended for restaurants to pour by the glass.  It drinks like a champ, and is outrageously under priced for what it is; a small production Cabernet based blend from Spring Mtn.

NOTES: The nose is ...

Municipal Winemakers

Thumbnail : Municipal Winemakers

The new kid on the block for the urban wine trail in downtown Santa Barbara is Municipal Winemakers.  The tasting room takes a couple minutes to find, and proves well worth the effort.  (28 Anacapa Street, SB, CA, behind ...

Stolpman Estate Syrah 2008

Thumbnail : Stolpman Estate Syrah 2008

This producer is widely considered a founding father for Santa Barbara Syrah, and specifically for Ballard Canyon.  Their estate vineyards are second to none, and their location is considered the epicenter for Syrah for Santa Barbara county.  ...

Mycas de Limari Cabernet 2005

Thumbnail : Mycas de Limari Cabernet 2005

NOTES: This wine has a distinct ‘Chilean gunpowder’ nose to it that shows big fruits, a hint of reduction, dark fruit, spice and a stripe of jalapeno herbaceousness and menthol that shows the cooler climate the wines were ...

Pedemonte Cabernet 2007

Thumbnail : Pedemonte Cabernet 2007

This wine is a smoking deal; it comes from the heart of the Rutherford AVA in Napa Valley, and is a row by row selection of vines which goes into a small production bottling.  At a suggested $27 retail, you will find it for $50 at stores... when it is ...

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