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2003 Palmina Nebbiolo Sisquoc Vineyard

The nose shows darker, bluer fruits and chalky tannins.  The wine has a deep palate showing firm oak and bright acidity.  It is a true to form Nebbiolo and displays some violet characteristics that are laced through a massive palate that brings up some nice savory and herbal character after the wine has had a […]

1979 Sanford & Benedict Pinot Noir

Thumbnail : 1979 Sanford & Benedict Pinot Noir

Have you ever been to The Wine Cask in Santa Barbara?  Do you remember how there was a doorway that connected the main dining room to the adjacent restaurant (el Paseo)?  Well, that doorway used to be completely filled with bottles that I assumed were empty.  They weren’t.  They were full of 1979 Sanford and […]

1977 Inglenook Pinot Noir

Thumbnail : 1977 Inglenook Pinot Noir

Every couple years, if you are lucky and sometimes goad your friends and family a little bit, you get to try something that has historical significance.  This is one of those wines and was a great way to make special dinner with close family and friends a little more memorable. For a wine that is […]

Rhone Tasting… Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Thumbnail : Rhone Tasting… Chateauneuf-du-Pape

One of the best ways to understand a wine region or vintage or varietal better is to taste a group of wines that have something in common.  This way you can tell the differences between them.  Recently we had a group of friends get together for a wine group trying to do just that; we […]

2000 Jean Marc Morey Cessagne-Montrachet Les Chaumees

Thumbnail : 2000 Jean Marc Morey Cessagne-Montrachet Les Chaumees

White Burgundy is so much fun to drink.  If I had to pick two wines it would be Cab and white Burg.  This wine is a prime example of what is great about white Burgundy; at 9 years old it is still in full swing and opened up with some additional breathing time.  The wine […]

Palmina Barbera 2006

Thumbnail : Palmina Barbera 2006

The 2006 Palmina Barbera started out strong and has showy aromatics right out of the bottle. The color is a nice purple shade of brickish-orange. The palate is rich and full and very well balanced with puckering acidity. The wine is well built, has nice depth to it and upon closer inspection the nose reveals strong cola and coco notes with sweet red fruit characteristics. The palate is full and like the nose has sweet red and blue fruits that are supported by racy acidity. There are some dark fruits in there too; blueberry pie, or plum jam? It is a little on the sweet side to fit into the uber-classic category, but doesn’t miss the point by any means. There is a nice openness on the palate that begs for a food pairing

Thread 2007 Syrah/Grenache

Thumbnail : Thread 2007 Syrah/Grenache

Let’s first address the white elephant in the room; this wine is not a Cabernet.  We can’t pretend that there is only one wine worth drinking and writing about, so with that in mind, check out this big guy. The nose is big and open up front with prominently displayed lavender aromatics overlaying dark and […]

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