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Albino Armani Incontro Soave 2007

Thumbnail : Albino Armani Incontro Soave 2007

Soave is a wine that hails from the area around Verona, and is something that I fell in love with during my honeymoon.  Verona gets really hot and humid during the summer, so tourists and locals alike head to their favorite watering hole and order a glass of Soave or a Negroni.  Since I can’t […]

Domaine la Barroche Chateaunuf du Pape 2007

Thumbnail : Domaine la Barroche Chateaunuf du Pape 2007

This is a very impressive wine, from a benchmark producer and a good vintage.  The wine showed very good structure and composition; it is texturally awesome, having a weighty and viscous palate but at the same time great acidity and big tannins which pushed through and gave the wine a nice lightness.  The palate has […]

Domaine de la Quilla 2009 Muscadet Sevre & Maine

Thumbnail : Domaine de la Quilla 2009 Muscadet Sevre & Maine

This wine earned its spot because it is so charming and well made that we couldn’t say no.   The weight and texture are absolutely top notch. NOTES: It has nice aromatics, is subtle, clean and is begging for shellfish.  The nose is colored with hints of fresh clover and honey but is predominantly a mineral […]

Babcock Ritas Earth Pinot Noir 2009

Thumbnail : Babcock Ritas Earth Pinot Noir 2009

The search for Pinot Noir can be tricky.  I am personally drawn to a lighter style that allows for the personality of the vineyard, grapes and winemaker to show through.  In my opinion, that is what makes Pinot special.  The Rita’s Earth comes from some of the most hallowed ground in Santa Barbara’s Sta. Rita […]

Alfredo Roca Pinot Noir 2010

This wine was produced by a family that has been making wine for over 100 years in Mendoza, Argentina.  The grapes come from old vine vineyards that are at about 5,000 feet of elevation.  That is very high! Notes: the nose initially came across a little muted, but has nice clovey red fruits.  The palate […]

Urban UCO Sav. Blanc 08

Thumbnail : Urban UCO Sav. Blanc 08

This little guy delivers.  It has all of the standard Sauvignon Blanc virtues, but in a good way.  I’d start drinking this wine immediately, with roasted veggies, and continue to do so until it is gone. NOTES: The nose and palate both possess an interesting ruby grapefruit zest characteristic that caries throughout the wine.  In […]

Boroli ‘Anna’ 2008, Langhe, Italy

Thumbnail : Boroli ‘Anna’ 2008, Langhe, Italy

This is one of the single greatest opportunities to drink Nebbiolo from the Langhe region without paying Barolo prices.  If this were classified as a Barolo, it would literally cost 3 or 4 times as much.  While it has Barbera and Merlot in the blend, the profile is predominately Nebbiolo. NOTES: The wine has a […]

Stolpman Estate Syrah 2008

Thumbnail : Stolpman Estate Syrah 2008

This producer is widely considered a founding father for Santa Barbara Syrah, and specifically for Ballard Canyon.  Their estate vineyards are second to none, and their location is considered the epicenter for Syrah for Santa Barbara county.  Also, they have Sashi Moorman in the cellar as winemaker, who is highly regarded in the market and […]

2006 Stony Hill Chardonnay

Thumbnail : 2006 Stony Hill Chardonnay

Stony Hill has gotten its reputation for making great wines, transparent wines, and geeky wines because that is exactly what they do.  Sommeliers have been big supporters of this label for the last decade or two.  As a result you can find this label on many important wine lists throughout the state and country because […]

2009 Cantina Tollo, Pecorino, Abruzzo

Thumbnail : 2009 Cantina Tollo, Pecorino, Abruzzo

I know what you are thinking; what is this guy talking about?  The title doesn’t give too much away.  The producer is Cantina Tollo, the grape varietal is Pecorino, and the region is Abruzzo.  Now for the second part of the question, isn’t Pecorino a cheese?  Yes.  It is also a variety of grapes that […]

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