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DeLoach’s Bag-in-Barrel to battle ‘box wine’s bad rap

Thumbnail : DeLoach’s Bag-in-Barrel to battle ‘box wine’s bad rap

Clever packaging claims the day’s news!  DeLoach just issued a press release for their ‘Barrel-to-Barrel’ program, which is something that I haven’t seen before.  It seems like this is a creative approach to reducing wasteful packaging while at the same time increasing customer loyalty.  They sell miniature barrels (3L for $220 and 10L for $250) […]

Great Label; can you pronounce this?

Thumbnail : Great Label; can you pronounce this?

I try to keep it high brow, but every once in a while there is something worth posting.  If you read, this is a label win!

The French Laundry Goes iPad for the Wine List

The French Laundry restaurant moves its wine list to an iPad for its customers.

WSJ article “Blending Science With Wine”

Here’s the link:  click here! T.J. Rodgers is the Chief Executive of Cypress Semiconducter Corp, and recently donated about $1MM of his own research and development to UC Davis’ Enology program in the form of… a fermenter that automatically adjusts the temperature of the tank during fermentation and transmits the sugar & temperature levels to […]

Charles Smith In The News: What is a winemaker?

Thumbnail : Charles Smith In The News: What is a winemaker?

There are a couple stories in the wine news right now that are very interesting; Charles Smith, the winemaker for ‘K Vintners’ and part of the group that made the Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon that we sent out as one of our wine club wines, has filed a lawsuit against some individuals who made anonymous […]

How to Navigate a Trade Tasting

There are as many opinions on this subject as there are people at a wine tasting.  There is no ‘right answer’, but there are strategies that can be useful.  As a starting point, it makes sense to know why you are going to the event; am I a supplier trying to meet customers/accounts, a supplier […]

CabCritic issues wine club shipment

Thumbnail : CabCritic issues wine club shipment

At CabCritic, we try to help you understand, explore and appreciate wine.  It is mission critical that each bottle you take home with you is interesting and tells you a story.  The most recent shipment of wine has some classics, as well as some quagmires.  If you missed out and want to get in, contact […]

Dan Berger’s ‘The Collapse of Cabernet’

If you don’t keep an eye out for Dan Berger’s articles at The Napa Valley Register, you should make sure to try and do so.  He’s always an interesting read and bringing up salient conversations.  The Collapse of Cabernet article is no exception. Mr. Berger’s article says that Cabernet has morphed into a wine that […]

What we do

Thumbnail : What we do

CabCritic is intended to help facilitate the education and discovery of Cabernet Sauvignon wines, their producers and the regions that these wines come from.  The wine world is huge, so we are going to try and focus on one specific sector – Cabernet.

Great Article from Slate on Fraudulent Wines

Thumbnail : Great Article from Slate on Fraudulent Wines

Have you read ‘The Billionaire’s Vinegar’?  It is a great book that is available here, and details how high priced wine auctions created a market for fraudulent bottles of rarities like 1921 Petrus magnums.  The Slate article (click the logo below) is a boiled down version of the book and is up to date on […]

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