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La Fiera Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2009

Thumbnail : La Fiera Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2009

Let’s cover a factioid first; there are two wines that have Montepulciano in the name.  Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wines come from the Abruzzo region of Italy and are made from the Montepulciano grape.  Abruzzo is east of Rome, and about 40 miles from the eastern coast.  In other words, in the lower calf region of the […]

Castello Monaci Kreos Rosato 2009

Thumbnail : Castello Monaci Kreos Rosato 2009

Rose is such an under appreciated wine!  Give it a chance, that’s all we are sayin’.  Rose is something that should be deployed copiously on hot days while warming up the barbecue, having nibbles or sitting around the pool.  It is a great way to start the evening off with a festive mood and gets […]

Ca’Bianca Moscato D’Asti 2009

Thumbnail : Ca’Bianca Moscato D’Asti 2009

This wine is… adorable.  I can’t think of a better word for it, the wine is so light and refreshing that you should have the pleasure of experiencing it.  It is pure joy, and so easy to drink that it would be bad news if it were more than 5% alcohol.  Use this wine as […]

Albino Armani Incontro Soave 2007

Thumbnail : Albino Armani Incontro Soave 2007

Soave is a wine that hails from the area around Verona, and is something that I fell in love with during my honeymoon.  Verona gets really hot and humid during the summer, so tourists and locals alike head to their favorite watering hole and order a glass of Soave or a Negroni.  Since I can’t […]

Boroli ‘Anna’ 2008, Langhe, Italy

Thumbnail : Boroli ‘Anna’ 2008, Langhe, Italy

This is one of the single greatest opportunities to drink Nebbiolo from the Langhe region without paying Barolo prices.  If this were classified as a Barolo, it would literally cost 3 or 4 times as much.  While it has Barbera and Merlot in the blend, the profile is predominately Nebbiolo. NOTES: The wine has a […]

Villa Cafaggio Cortaccio CS 2004

Thumbnail : Villa Cafaggio Cortaccio CS 2004

This wine is like a ballerina; delicate and pretty but at the same time it possesses tremendous strength.  The nose is sleek and sophisticated, showing red fruits like rhubarb and raspberries and blue fruits like cassis and blackberries.  This is a layered wine which has creme de meure and toffee amongst the fruits.  Great bottle […]

2009 Cantina Tollo, Pecorino, Abruzzo

Thumbnail : 2009 Cantina Tollo, Pecorino, Abruzzo

I know what you are thinking; what is this guy talking about?  The title doesn’t give too much away.  The producer is Cantina Tollo, the grape varietal is Pecorino, and the region is Abruzzo.  Now for the second part of the question, isn’t Pecorino a cheese?  Yes.  It is also a variety of grapes that […]

2008 Elena Walsh, Lagrien, Alto Adige DOC

Thumbnail : 2008 Elena Walsh, Lagrien, Alto Adige DOC

Here is our real palate exploring wine of the group.  This is a great producer, a good region and an interesting grape varietal.  Alto Adige has a cooler growing season, being located in the north of Italy, which manifests itself as a rounder, softer wine that is spectacularly fun to drink. NOTES: Darker and richer […]

Nebbiolo Tasting

Thumbnail : Nebbiolo Tasting

Tasting groups are fun.  Recently we got together with some of our local wine geeks for an evening of Nebbiolo.  The resulting tasting was great fun, educational, and completely worth drinking.  There were some serious wines in the line up as well as a ringer from California. The Barolo’s stole the show, and my personal […]

2001 Brezza Cannubi Barolo

Thumbnail : 2001 Brezza Cannubi Barolo

This wine shows red fruits on the nose which are lifted, round and fresh with a hint of red and black licorice.  The palate is super rich, boasting dense fruits that are harmoniously in balance with the acidity.  The tannins are a little subdued and the wine opens up to show mineral and savory notes […]

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