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Carter Coliseum Block 07 Cabernet

Thumbnail : Carter Coliseum Block 07 Cabernet

This is a big point, thoroughly hyped wine.  I think that Wine Spectator dedicated an entire issue to making sure that everybody in the US knows the Carter name and how exceptional the wines are.  With that much press, there isn’t much room for error.  Not even marginal performance. With all that being said, the […]

Rond Pond Cabernet 2006

Thumbnail : Rond Pond Cabernet 2006

So, when you think of Napa you think of Cabernet, right?  And when you think of Cabernet, you think of Rutherford, right?  Well you should.  Rutherford has the rare combination of perfect conditions which produce, year in, year out, some of the best Cabernet wines in the world.  Sun exposure, temperature, soil, drainage and a […]

2006 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon

Thumbnail : 2006 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon

NOTES: This wine shows off a clean and pure cab nose that has a touch of wood and deep fruits.  The palate is dense, rich and deep with large chain wood tannins that back big blackberry, currant and black plum fruits.  The texture is very nice up front and has hints of sage and mint […]

Blackbird Vineyards Illustration 2007

Thumbnail : Blackbird Vineyards Illustration 2007

Blackbird Vineyards is located in the heart of Oakville, in the middle of the valley floor.  They have managed to enter the market as a highly coveted brand, and accomplished this around the time that the economy was tanking.  After tasting the wine, and reading a little bit about their story, I can see why. […]

York Creek Cuvee 1 Production 8 Spring Mtn. Napa Valley

Thumbnail : York Creek Cuvee 1 Production 8 Spring Mtn. Napa Valley

This wine was intended for restaurants to pour by the glass.  It drinks like a champ, and is outrageously under priced for what it is; a small production Cabernet based blend from Spring Mtn. NOTES: The nose is open and shows a little bouquet, which is most likely because the wine is a blend of […]

Pedemonte Cabernet 2007

Thumbnail : Pedemonte Cabernet 2007

This wine is a smoking deal; it comes from the heart of the Rutherford AVA in Napa Valley, and is a row by row selection of vines which goes into a small production bottling.  At a suggested $27 retail, you will find it for $50 at stores… when it is available. NOTES: The nose shows […]

2006 Stony Hill Chardonnay

Thumbnail : 2006 Stony Hill Chardonnay

Stony Hill has gotten its reputation for making great wines, transparent wines, and geeky wines because that is exactly what they do.  Sommeliers have been big supporters of this label for the last decade or two.  As a result you can find this label on many important wine lists throughout the state and country because […]

2008 Caymus Cabernet, Napa Valley

Thumbnail : 2008 Caymus Cabernet, Napa Valley

Caymus is one of Napa Valley’s benchmark producers; year in, year out, they make very good wines.  In my opinion, the Caymus Napa Cabernet is one of the best bang for the bucks Napa Cabs. This wine shows tart cherries and red fruits on the nose as well as a little barrel caramel/toasty sugar.  The […]

2006 St. Clement Cabernet, Napa Valley

The nose for this wine is aromatically giving and shows blueberries with a hint of tobacco, vine and spice.  The palate is very soft and fruit forward, but has good acidity and structure.  There is a little spice to the wine, and the only thing that I could say against it is that the finish […]

2006 Ramey Cabernet, Napa Valley

Thumbnail : 2006 Ramey Cabernet, Napa Valley

Dave Ramey has both changed and charged the wine industry to date.  His work is credited for putting places like Chalk Hill and Matanzas Creek on the map for revolutionizing how they made Chardonnay.  He then went on to work at Dominus and Rudd before hanging his own shingle.  A true master of his craft, […]

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