Turley Cinsault 2010 El Porron

What this wine lacks in esotericness, it makes up for in the glass.  The Cinsault grape is one of the staples of the Languedoc-Rouissillon region in the southern France and is quite often blended with Carignan and Grenache.  If you asked me, I would have said that it was a staple of southern Rhone as well, but I'd have been wrong.  The varietal is known for heavy cropping, and as a result produces drab wines unless you have a house like Turley tending to the vines and wine.

The nose is dynamic and ranges from light fruity and grapey-like grape soda tastes-to dark, flinty, mineral with petrol and mint tinges.  Overall it has a fair amount of character and in the lifted aromatics there is something for everyone.

The palate shows off a light to medium bodied wine that is nicely balanced with fine tannins that are smooth and just the right amount of acidity to keep you coming back.  There are rhubarb, plum and currant fruits that are complimented by tinges of orange liquor and a touch of delicate baking spices.  The wine has a wonderful freshness to it that is reminiscent of good Beaujolais.  You can't go wrong with this wine, it is all sorts of fun to drink and is a breath of fresh air.

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December 2011
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