Quercus Rebula Ribolla Gialla 2008

QuercusSometimes a wine starts of as delicate and light, and then turns the other cheek to reveal its true self; big and powerful.  The Quercus Rebula Ribolla Gialla defines this category.  It has a pale straw color, similar to a dry Riesling, and the nose has a cucumber, lemon, hay overtone that is backed up by solid white minerality and white flowers.  So far it is an elegant and delicate wine, but the palate tells another story.  Texturally, this wine is sleek and has a racy quality to it that is the byproduct of the right amount of acidity and weight; it is almost waxy on the palate, and is definitely sexy.  The palate is confounding, because it doesn't fit easily into a domestic profile.  It is terroir driven, having a stony minerality as its most recognizable feature.  There are also tart lime and grapefruit flavors and hints of toasted coconut.  The palate is long, and not necessarily sophisticated, having a little metallic twang to it here and there.  But it is a big and serious white wine!

Region: Slovenia.  Varietal: Ribolla Gialla.

Overall, this is a fascinating wine.  I would keep an eye out on the eastern EU producers for items exactly like this.  It seems like there has been an insurgence of popularity for this type of wine, and I can tell why.  Expect to see this in the wine club, it is heading your way soon.

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