Albino Armani Incontro Soave 2007

Soave is a wine that hails from the area around Verona, and is something that I fell in love with during my honeymoon.  Verona gets really hot and humid during the summer, so tourists and locals alike head to their favorite watering hole and order a glass of Soave or a Negroni.  Since I can’t sell you gin, (which is the key ingredient in a Negroni) we decided on the Soave.  This wine is best served in a Cabernet sized glass on a piping hot day with some Lay’s potato chips and green olives.  (You are going to have to trust me here...)  It is a time honored tradition, and one that I love to recreate a couple times every year.

There is some production magic that goes into this wine; they dry the grapes for a week after harvesting.  At the end of that week the grapes are pressed and fermentation begins.  This results in a richer wine because of the water evaporation and oxidation that happens during that time, and it shows in the texture and flavor profile.
NOTES: This wine should be served cold on a hot day.  It is a rich and weighty wine that shows a little orange peel and moderate acidity on the palate.  There is decent minerality in this wine and it has a clean, creamy, orange-ish profile that has a nice tinge of herbs to it. The colder this wine is, the more the acidity shows, so you can control the texture by controlling the temperature.


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