2004 Yalumba The Signature CS/SY

The Producer: Yalumba winery is family owned and has a 5 generation, 160 year-long history.  Do you remember the term 'the company store'?  I learned that phrase while listening to 'Sixteen Tons', a song written from the perspective of a coal miner who couldn't quit his job because the coal mining company owned everything in town.  Yalumba is a Utopic rendition of 'Sixteen Tons'; they employ roughly 350 people and have their own winery, vineyards, cooperage and nursery.  They supposedly employ about 20 winemakers.  I'm guessing there is a bakery and 'company store' in there somewhere.

The Wine: The Signature is a blend of Cabernet (54%) and Syrah (46%).  This is the equivalent to Bordeaux's Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot blends.  This wine is a wonderful expression of the Australian belief that Cabernet and Syrah varietals pair to create a perfect wine.  The complexities and elegance of Cab match like a puzzle piece with the richness and fruit of Syrah to create a complete wine.

Tasting Notes: The nose is lifted and showy and has cola, backed by cedar and frying bacon with a little cyan pepper spice sprinkled in.  The palate is huge and soft, powerful and nuanced.  It has deep dark currant and blackberry fruits and a strong coco/dark chocolate element. The fruits are accented by spices, cigar, and a hint of eucalyptus.  Overall the wine is very well put together; all of the above elements are harmoniously orchestrated and combine to form a clean wine that represents the philosophy and the region exceptionally well.

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