Domaine du Tariquet Classic 2009

Put simply, it is impossible not to like this wine.  It has a little residual sugar which normally turns me off, but there is something that makes it hard to stop drinking this wine; it is clean, has decent balance and is simply delightful.  Nothing complicated here, this is a wine to start the evening with and enjoy with everything from mild cheeses, to a BLT.

Upon opening, the wine immediately smells like fresh peach and apple juice with hints of cigar and tobacco smoke.  After a minute or two, some coconut and mineral notes push through and the wine starts to open up.

It has loads of tropical fruits and hints of minerality, and is easy to drink at 10.5% alcohol.  The palate on this wine has a soft and round texture, (thank you residual sugar) primarily with light starfruit and passion fruit flavors that also include white stone and clay minerality, and again, hints of tobacco and other dark leaves once in a while.  Think of it as a very nice, refreshing and easy drinking wine.

One thing that I noticed is that the wine is much more spritzy than I remember the first time.  Sometimes that means that the wine was bottled with C02 to keep it fresh, sometimes it means the wine wasn't done fermenting when it was bottled.  Who knows?  My guess is that there is a little residual sugar remaining in this wine, which has continued to ferment since its bottling.  The solution?  Open the screw cap and pour a glass, then close the bottle and shake it up.  This releases the gas from the wine.

This wine is going to be in the next wine club shipment, so you can have it sent to your house if you'd like.

2 Responses to “Domaine du Tariquet Classic 2009”

  • My wife and I opened this up on Friday after a long week and it was perfect! The wine has a unique combo of being fruity and dry at the same time. If you like Alsatian or German Whites than this is the wine for you. Thanks Cab Critic, keep them coming!

  • Glad you liked it! Thanks for the response. Good call; it is of similar ilk to a lighter Alsace or Germanic wine. Happy sipping.

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