Runaway Red 2008 Oregon Pinot Noir

The back label on this wine tells a funny story... or at least one that's funny when you know how it ends.  The name 'Runaway Red' apparently came from an expedition that this single barrel (25 case) production went on during transport:  The barrel fell off the truck, ran down a hill and ended up in a creek bed.  Somehow it survived and made it to bottle, and onto a shelf somewhere.

This wine shows classic Oregon Pinot virtues, starting with the color.  The wine is light and (gasp) see through, with a reddish lavender color.  I would take this as a sign that you are working with a more classic style Pinot that isn't going to bruise the palate.  The nose starts off showing the traditional deciduous forest duff elements of good Oregon Pinot, and as it begins to open up it starts to show some red fruit characteristics, laced with river stone minerality.  The palate is light and balanced and very easy to drink.  It proves to be a bit of an ethereal wine, in that it has decent complexity but isn't a palate bruiser.  There are red fruits on the palate, along with some river stone minerality.  The wine has the potential to be serious, but lacks a dynamic and lengthy finish.

For the price point, which I think is $15.00- $20.00, this wine seriously outperforms.  Hopefully you can find it next year, as I'm sure that it is difficult to find by now.  Cheers!!

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