Thread 2007 Syrah/Grenache

Let's first address the white elephant in the room; this wine is not a Cabernet.  We can't pretend that there is only one wine worth drinking and writing about, so with that in mind, check out this big guy.

The nose is big and open up front with prominently displayed lavender aromatics overlaying dark and purple fruits that are predominantly Syrah related.  There are underpinnings of sage and a soy sauce/chicken broth character right after opening.  With a little time to breathe, the savory notes blow off.

The palate starts off by being washed over with big rich purple and blue fruits that are backed by a well orchestrated barrage of tannins and acidity that soak in after the fruit has lingered.  There is a nice cedar element to the wine, and it has a baking spice element to it that gives it another dimension.  With a little more air the wine shows off cola notes and some hints of candied cherry liqueur and milk chocolate.  There is stellar depth and potency to this blend that drills home on the center of the palate.

This robust youngster has great orientation and is headed in the right direction; it is a big wine that is in balance, it is firm and dense on the palate, and is going to get better for a long time.  Very long time.  Be prepared to enjoy this wine now, or 10 years down the road.

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