Palmina Barbera 2006

Tasting notes on Palmina Barbera 2006Palmina is a very interesting winery, and has taken on Italian varietals in such a great way.  Most domestic producers that work with Italian varietals in California end up falling short of their goals.  It is a difficult task to work with old world varities that haven't taken off in their own right in the new world.  Why?

When most people think of Italian wines they think of trip they took or a spectacularly good bottle that made an impression on them.  The trouble with Italian wines is that they have a very strong tie to the region that they are produced in; meaning they reflect the region in some way that is difficult to replicate in another local.  We will get into this in more detail some other time, but my point is that the Italian varietals don't tend to travel well.  Nobody is making Barolo anywhere else in the world that is reminiscent of one of the greats from Piedmont.  Palmina has taken this task on, and done a great job of bringing classic Italian varietals into the new world growing season and soils and calling it their own.

The 2006 Barbera started out strong and has showy aromatics right out of the bottle.  The color is a nice purple shade of brickish-orange.  The palate is rich and full and well balanced with puckering acidity.  The wine is well built, has nice depth to it and upon closer inspection the nose reveals strong cola, coco and orange blossom notes with  sweet red fruit characteristics.  The palate is full and like the nose has sweet red and blue fruits that are supported by racy acidity.  There are some dark fruits in there too; blueberry pie, or plum jam?   It is a little on the sweet side to fit into the uber-classic category, but doesn't miss the point by any means.  There is a nice openness on the palate that begs for a food pairing; pizza is one of the first things that comes to mind, or maybe a lightly seasoned skirt steak and potatoes.

I like the wine, and feel like it is something that you can feel great about opening with your friends over dinner, which is exactly what we did.

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  • Palmina rocks! I think they are making some of the most exciting wines of character in California at the moment. Have you tasted their rose? UMMmm, enough to make a pregnant woman long for forbidden nectars!

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