Spring Mountain Vineyard 2002 CS

Spring Mountain Estate Cabernet Cork

Great wine from a classic Napa producer.

Spring Mountian Vineyards is one of the stalwart producers for the Spring Mountain AVA in Napa Valley.  They have some incredible acreage under vine and a beautiful victorian house on the estate that reveals Napa's genteel history.  If you have the opportunity to stop in and taste I highly recommend doing so.  I was lucky enough to be there while they had sheep grazing in the vineyards adjacent to the house.

2002 Cabernet Sauvignon:
99% Cabernet Sauvignon
1% Petit Verdot

Taunting aromatics right off the bat, indicating deep blue fruit to come.  The wine seems to be very charachteristic of the 2002 vintage on first impression; balanced and polished resulting in a denser wine that is not overwhelming.  The palate reveals dense blue fruits and minerality.  It is very rich and complete.  The mineral notes are akin to plush graphite and chalky white tannins.  The wine overall is very balanced and composed; the wood tannins and fruit tannins are well integrated and there is a nice headiness to the nose and palate that persists as the wine gets additional air.  This is something that I attribute to good (and perhaps more classic) winemaking.  As the wine opens up there are interesting nettle and herb qualities with cherry pie filling overtones showing on the nose which are accompanied by significant creme cassis, vine and tar notes (in a good way) on the palate.  The wine has a good mid range finish to it that isn't mind blowing or lacking but is definitely there and is nicely synchronized with the nose and palate.  There is a little cat and mouse to this wine, meaning that it reveals itself in stages; sometimes showy and boisterous, other times catching a breath while finding something new.  Spring Mountain Vineyard makes wines that age beautifully, and this wine is no exception.  You could drink it now, or wait another 5 to 7 years-maybe more.  Whatever you do you are going to enjoy it.

This is a great house, a good vintage that is more classic-but not lacking ripeness-and one of their higher end bottlings.  (Only second to the Elevette, which is a juggernaut of a wine.)  They have significant acreage which means they can be selective as to what goes into each bottling.

The price was $75 when it was current vintage, but there are a couple websites that list it for sale now between $45 and $85.  If you can find it in the lower end of that spectrum, you have yourself a nice bottle with some years on it.

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  • Greetings ~ Thank you for the lovely description of the Spring Mountain Vineyard 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon. I'm glad you enjoyed the wine.

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