Robert Craig Affinity Cabernet 2003

Photo from a christmas dinner

Photo from a christmas dinner

It is worth mentioning that I think this is a winemaker that is doing good things, producing great wines from great vineyard designated AVA's and doing it at a fair price.  This particular wine is the entry level for Robert Craig, with the current vintage selling for about $45-$48.00 from the winery.  You can get the 03 for somewhere in the $35 range on wine-searcher, and most of the people tasting this wine are putting it up against the big boy producers from Napa.

We had this wine out of magnum over a day-after-christmas dinner, we had it with a beef stew that had carrots, tomato's and pearl onions.  The wine and food made a great pairing and we were able to celebrate Christmas as well as our friends first dinner in their first house!  Big time stuff!

This wine is rich, full, and long on the palate.  The nose has raspberry compote and shows a nice structure up front.  The palate has great acidity and depth, showing deep juicy fruits, with raspberry as the predominant flavor.  There is a great minerality to this wine... chalky, calcareous soil character to it.  The wine has interesting virtue to it that makes you think the skins of the grapes were ground up while it was fermenting.  It doesn't come across as over extracted at all, it is well balanced, but the 2003 vintage was a little tougher for some producers and this wine doesn't come across as lacking much.

The winery website says that current vintage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

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